Type Tips: Asterisk*

Aaah the asterisk, a tiny tidbit of typography, but oh so powerful! Greek for “little star,” the asterisk is one of the oldest typographic characters, serving many purposes throughout the times. You may have encountered it as a reference for a footnote in a document you’ve read that required further explanation or citation. Maybe you’ve …

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Building A Better Brand

At the request of one of today’s guests at the Camas Washougal Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, we’re sharing our “Building a Better Brand” presentation. We keep our slides simple, for a deeper level of information, just reach out and we’ll be happy to discuss!

The Power of Punctuation.

Canyoudearreaderimaginehowharditwouldbetoquicklygraspthemeaningofthislineoftext  Or, can you, dear reader, see how much easier it is to quickly grasp the meaning of this line of text when properly punctuated? The point of punctuation—the use of spacing, symbols and certain typographical devices—is to help the reader better understand the thoughts and cadence composed from a string of words. (I’d be …

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Delicious new color!

Color is one of the strongest non-verbal forms of communication, instantly conveying meaning and message in the blink of an eye. Designers harness this powerful tool in the research, evaluation and finally selection of a color palette appropriate to a client’s product or service…one which is intended to not only represent the organization but also …

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