Back to School, Back to Business

As summer wraps up, it’s back to school and back to business! If the kiddos are back to school and you’re ready to get back to work—and networking to drum up business before the end of the year—then we’ve got you covered. Nametags are the smallest project we work on here at Reed Creative, and one that can have a big impact on your business!

Top 10 benefits of a professionally produced nametag:

  1. presents a professional image for your company
  2. clearly communicates the wearer’s name and position, and can even include their preferred pronouns if that’s part of your company culture
  3. features your unique logo, which has the added benefit of promoting your business’ identity for greater brand recognition
  4. encourages open communication as it makes the wearer easily identifiable and more approachable (especially for those who are bad at remembering names!)
  5. informs customers that the nametag wearer works for your business and can be counted on to uphold the values and reputation your organization is known for
  6. helps you stand out among the less professional, sloppy, handwritten sticky label nametags
  7. employees wearing nametags look, feel and act like part of a professional team
  8. puts a nice finishing touch on your team’s work attire 
  9. features 2 different sizes (3×2 and 3×1.5) with a choice of magnetic or pin backing
  10. advertises your company in a low cost, reusable, way

If you are ready to get back to business in a more professional manner, consider ordering a new nametag (or two!). Place your order today at and our creative team will take it from there. Within 1 working day of receiving your order, we’ll send a proof via email for approval and then deliver the finished nametag(s) within 5 working days (locally) so you and your team can get out there and get networking!