Wearing Too Many Hats These Days?

One more zoom call? Enough already! While one may appreciate the technological advances that permitted remote connection over the last year, you may find yourself exhausted from being “constantly on.” And even more so, if you are a female, according to one recent article in the NYTimes.

Too often one Zoom call ends, and another is waiting, with little time in between. Gone are the days of downtime between meetings—that cushion of time for traveling for in-person meetings when you could catch your breath. Who can afford such luxury as small businesses pack their days with meetings that could result in new business that may help make up for lost revenue during the pandemic? 

So many have been forced to do more with less. Perhaps there have been layoffs while waiting for business to build back to pre-pandemic levels and full operating status. Perhaps there has been unexpected growth brought about by pivoting products and services while being challenged with hiring remotely to meet that demand. Regardless of the reason, it’s often resulting in a heavier workload. And, in response to that, one saying we continue to hear over and over in these many Zoom calls with fellow small business owners is: “I’m wearing so many hats these days!” 

This saying always triggers an image in our mind of a stack of hats balancing precariously on the head of the speaker. And as the tasks they are charged with are vast, so too are the styles of hats in our vision. 

We put on our own thinking caps to see how we could provide a brief visual break in the constantly streaming video calls and come up with a touch of hand-rendered artwork. Teetering on top of one another are a cowboy hat, beachy straw fedora, professional top hat, casual baseball hat, fancy feathered hat, and preppy golf cap. Each hat is as different as can be, like the tasks we find ourselves switching between over the course of a busy day. 

In addition to putting pencil to paper instead of mouse to monitor, we gave thought to other creative ways we could still connect with others while lightening the cognitive overload. We’ve recently hopped off the screen and onto a trail for a safely distanced outdoor walk and talk to discuss an upcoming project. We’ve enjoyed popping into a coffee shop for some actual in-person facetime, along with a bite or sip that tastes like the deliciousness of supporting local businesses. And we’re moving into a hybrid work model where our creative team can safely come together once or twice a week for in-person collaboration. There’s still a schedule packed with more zoom calls but these breaks from the screen have helped meetings feel more natural, enjoyable and human again. 

Next time you find yourself staring into the abyss of the screen, we encourage you to be cognizant that it could be a sign that it’s time for a change. Consider which of those many hats you wear can be tossed…and which to reimagine as something even more spectacular and stylish to help get you through your day!


Reed Creative Owner, Lori Reed, has over 20 years of professional, nationwide experience in the graphic design industry. Her goal is to help brands make the best impression on target audiences through effective visual communication. If you found this helpful, let her know! She loves sharing her extensive knowledge and is available to speak or train your organization on the topics of branding.

Illustration created by Kyla, one of Reed Creative’s finest multiple hat-wearers