DIY Brand Inventory Checklist

Knowing where your brand is now is the start of building a better brand for the future.

At Reed Creative, whenever we work with a new company or organization, we conduct an audit of where you are today. We do this by gathering the various visual and verbal expressions of your brand in print and pixel. Then we bring them together in one place, which we call a brand schematic that we date to mark where you are starting. Then we conduct a creative brief interview that drills down more deeply into specific questions about your overall goals and challenges, as well as your audience and competition.

Once compiled, we review this information, identifying current strengths and weaknesses. Then we strategize to create a plan to take your brand from where it is now, to where it needs to be, in order to be a better brand that is post-pandemic proof.

We believe in empowering clients to take charge of their own brand. Regardless of your title or role, ensuring successful branding should be in everyone’s job description. So this initial audit exercise is one you can do yourself, following these easy steps:

1) download the brand inventory form HERE
2) gather all expressions of your brand from digital logo and brand guide (you have one, right?) to tangible marketing materials that you can easily shoot with your phone camera and don’t forget your online presences of which you can take a screen grab to represent.
3) pull together this material in one place for an at a glance view of all expressions of your brand—a conference room table at the office works great or if you are still working remotely from home, your dining room table is also perfect.

At this point, once you have this initial step completed, contact us to help assess and guide you on your next step of the branding journey.