• Desiring different results from your marketing materials? It’s time for a different approach.


    At Reed Creative, we create professional, customized design strategies and solutions for your organization’s needs/marketing challenges. We wisely invest our time and talent in a manner that works with our clients’ budgets.






    Corporate collateral, identity & brand development, stationery, style guides, annual reports, marketing & sales materials, brochures, direct mail, product packaging, signage, publications, website design, print & digital advertising, exhibition & event materials, invitations

  • Seeking to stand out from your competition in today’s crowded marketplace?


    Reed Creative has more than two decades of talent and award winning experience acquired nationally to help create compelling marketing materials for target audiences. Read more on LinkedIn.

  • Need a great idea for your next marketing piece as well as help bringing it to life?


    Reed Creative’s collaborative manner of working to develop the most appropriate solution for your project has successfully yielded decade-long relationships with clients, companies and creatives alike. We’re a team player and we will make you look good to your company and your customers.



  • Lori is at the top of the game…Her expertise is broader than just graphic design, she uses strategy and understands the bigger picture of marketing growth and expanding business… I can’t imagine anyone better than Reed Creative for servicing businesses. Tom Foutz, President and Co-founder of ADR inc., New Orleans

    My collaboration with Lori spans many years, roles, organizations, and cities, and her strengths remain constant: a fine-tuned design understanding and intuition, an exquisite attention to detail, an incredibly professional attitude, and a passionate dedication. Rod Lemaire, Design Director at Mission Minded, San Francisco

    Lori’s design work is always outstanding, but even more important to me is that she is a great collaborator. We kick off our projects with a technical consult and production brainstorming well in advance of the deadlines. I would highly recommend Lori. It’s a gift to work with creative talent that gets the mechanical side of production. Kim Price, National Account Business Development, Earthcolor Inc.


    Reed Creative loves working with like-minded people and we are always seeking new collaborative opportunities. Whether you are a potential client that is in need of design direction, or creative talent interested in being a part of our collective, we invite you to connect with us to get the conversation started.

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    At Reed Creative, we collaborate with clients across the country to strategize and create compelling suites of marketing materials to help businesses clearly communicate with their target audiences and stand out from their competition.

    Each project begins with a completed creative questionnaire to determine the critical components (download) and follows our proven 5 step process (DOWNLOAD).

    Each project is designed to meet our clients’ individual needs and have included components such as: corporate collateral, identity and brand development, stationery, style guides, annual reports, marketing and sales materials, brochures, direct mail, product packaging, signage, publications, website design, print and digital advertising, exhibition and event materials, invitations, speaking and software training

    Feel free to contact me to discuss a quote for your next project.

    After we discuss your specific needs, you will receive a custom estimate. Generally the projects we work on fall into the following budgetary ranges: _micro (less than $1,500) _small ($1,500-$3,500) _medium ($3,500-$7,500) _large ($7,500-$10,000) _macro ($10,000+)

    You will receive an effective solution that meets your specific needs -- on time, on target and on budget.

    Deliverables may include:
    corporate collateral, identity and brand development, stationery, style guides, annual reports, marketing and sales materials, brochures, direct mail, product packaging, signage, publications, website design, print and digital advertising, exhibition and event materials, invitations, speaking and software training.

    You also receive nearly two decades of professional, nationwide experience shared in the form of consultation, research and excellent customer service throughout the life of your project.

    We understand the quick pace in today's business world so each job is scheduled to meet your specific deadline.

    With a background in major metropolitan areas such as NYC and SF, we are an agile design firm, able to deliver quality work, quickly. (Some clients have even begun to refer to it as “Reed Speed.”) Good work requires good research and a concrete plan to achieve success in a timely manner. We perform that research on your first project, enabling us to provide rapid prototypes? on future projects since we are already intimately familiar with your brand.

    We follow a proven 5 step process to ensure success on each job. Basically it flows as follows: Phase 1: Planning (initial meeting > complete creative brief > proposal with estimate, 50% deposit) Phase 2: Concept development (concepting + presentation of viable solutions) Phase 3: Design development (refinement of selected solution + presentation ) Phase 4: Design implementation (revisions + confirming presentation) Phase 5: Production (prepare files for output, coordinate printers/developers for delivery, 50% remainder)

    DOWNLOAD the Reed Creative design process.

    Absolutely! We work with clients across the country, including places as far away as Roatan, Honduras. Meetings are conducted in person when possible, otherwise via email, phone and Skype as needed. Our hours of operation are designed to work with your workday.

    As company owner and principal creative, Lori Reed serves as the main point of client contact and creative director for each job.

    Reed Creative is a collaborative studio that works with a team of talent on an as needed basis to ensure each job is completed to our high standards, on time, on target and on budget. This talent includes administrative assistant, bookkeeper, designers, and production personnel, as well as hiring professional copywriters, illustrators, photographers, as a project demands. We also have long standing relationships with quality printers and developers across the country. All to better serve our growing client base.

    It's highly likely, because over the last two decades, Reed Creative has successfully worked with clients in multiple industries including: food and beverage, hospitality, legal, higher education, insurance, municipalities, industrial, interior design, fitness, maritime, medical finance and entertainment. Regardless of your industry, we perform research to learn the specific challenges your industry faces in order to provide the most appropriate, effective solution for your organization.

    For most projects, we obtain a 50% down payment to add the project to our work schedule. Most clients choose to pay by corporate check, but we also can receive payment by credit card. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of the project, prior to releasing the final artwork.

    We strongly believe in investing in our community, contributing time and talent in the form of 85 hours pro bono annually. If you are a 501c3 organization with graphic design needs, please contact us by Thanksgiving in order to be considered for adding to the following year’s workload. We take on pro-bono projects that are near and dear to our heart, creatively challenging, and can be completed around our paying client workload.

    Testimonials are always available to share with current clients to attest to Lori’s professionalism. Over the years, she has been entrusted as a brand steward for numerous companies, effectively managing design departments, teaching as adjunct faculty, and presiding over volunteers in a non-profit chapter of her professional trade organization. A long standing member of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), Reed Creative has followed their guidelines for design business and ethics since 1992 and remains a member in good standing of local Chambers of Commerce. And, for clients requiring it, Reed Creative carries professional liability insurance.

    Please send me an email to check my availability, as this changes with current workload on existing client projects.